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Former KR Official Ta Tith Charged With Genocide



Yim Tith and his wife, Ung Ken (DC-Cam)

Former Khmer Rouge official Yim Tith, more commonly known as Ta Tith, was on Wednesday charged with crimes including genocide in Case 004 at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).

Ta Tith, who stands accused of a slew of crimes allegedly committed during his time as acting secretary of the Khmer Rouge’s Northwest Zone, is the first suspect to be charged by International Co-Investigating Judge Michael Bohlander since he took over from Judge Mark Harmon in August.

Along with genocide against the Khmer Krom, an ethnic minority from Southern Vietnam, Ta Tith is accused of a wide range of crimes against humanity including murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, imprisonment, torture and forced marriage, according to a statement released by the ECCC.

Lars Olsen, a spokesman for the tribunal, said Ta Tith traveled from his home in Battambang province to face charges at the court on Wednesday.

“He was charged in person…at the court,” Mr. Olsen said. “After he was charged, he returned home with his lawyers and they now have full access to the case file and they can participate fully in the case.”

Mr. Olsen said he did not know whether an arrest warrant had been issued for Ta Tith.

The reclusive former cadre is believed to be responsible for crimes at more than 40 sites across the country. The alleged atrocities predominantly took place in the Northwest Zone, but also at sites in the Southwest Zone including the notorious Kraing Ta Chan security center in Takeo province, where an estimated 15,000 people perished.

Ta Tith is the fourth Khmer Rouge official to be charged in the government-opposed cases 003 and 004. Cambodian police have refused to execute arrest warrants issued by Judge Harmon last year for suspect Meas Muth, the Khmer Rouge navy commander, and Im Chaem, a former district chief.

Ta An—a deputy secretary in the regime’s Central Zone who stands accused alongside Ta Tith of running a network of security centers responsible for the deaths of some 140,000 people—has also been charged in Case 004.

Ta Tith made headlines in 2011 when reports emerged that American actress Angelina Jolie-Pitt had purchased land from the former Khmer Rouge official for her charitable foundation in Battambang.

Contacted after the charges were announced, Krom Mong, chief of Ta Tith’s home village of Toek Sap in Ratanak Mondol district’s Phlov Meas commune, said the former Khmer Rouge official rarely socialized with other locals.

“He is very old—he is about 82 or 83 years old—and he has problems with his eyes,” Mr. Mong said. “He is living with his wife and he has about 4 to 5 hectares of land.”

“He often stays at home and does not come outside to visit his neighbors,” he said, adding that Ta Tith moved to the village in 1998 after Khmer Rouge forces laid down their weapons in Samlot district.

“I can’t comment on him because I don’t know and didn’t see what he did in the past,” the village chief added.

Neither Ta Tith nor his lawyers could be reached on Wednesday.

Panhavuth Long, a court monitor with the Cambodian Justice Initiative, applauded the decision to charge Ta Tith, but said the likelihood of arrest or prosecution was low given ongoing government interference at the court.

“I would say that the elephant in the room is that the U.N. and the government need to address as soon as possible, or immediately, the political influence, as well as the non-cooperation from the Cambodian side.”

Despite the obstacles facing the court, Youk Chhang, executive director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, said the charges against Ta Tith show that the tribunal is still seeking justice for the crimes committed during the Democratic Kampuchea period.

“Despite all the storms, the floods, the court still stands and justice still stands, and that is something that perhaps is hopeful for the future of Cambodia.”

“Were you a cadre yourself?” – Defense Counsel Confronts Civil Party

Cambodia Tribunal Monitor, December 3 2015 by Leonie Kijewski, LLM (Maastricht)

Today, December 03 2015, Civil Party Prak Doeun concluded his testimony. He gave more details about the killing of his family. Nuon Chea Defense Counsel tried to find out whether Mr. Doeun had been forced to kill his wife and was therefore not telling the truth, and whether Mr. Doeun had in fact be a cadre on the island he was stationed on. Next, witness Sao Sak provided her testimony and told the Court how her mother, who was of Vietnamese descent, was arrested and killed.

Download (PDF, 105KB)


ECCC Hears More About Vietnamese Treatment

The Cambodia Daily, December 4 2015, by 

The Khmer Rouge tribunal on Thursday finished hearing testimony from civil party Prak Doeun, 73, who had told the court on Wednesday how a group of ethnically Vietnamese women and children, including his own wife and son, had been brutally killed by the regime.

Under questioning from lawyers for defendants Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan—who are facing charges of genocide against ethnic Vietnamese between 1975 and 1979—Mr. Doeun stuck to his version of events, deflecting attempts to portray him as being more than a simple fisherman under the Khmer Rouge.

Asked why he had been entrusted as the chief of his village’s fishing group in Kompong Chhnang province’s Boribor district, he maintained that he was a talented leader and could motivate villagers to work hard.

“I was good at speaking, particularly at mobilizing people at meetings,” he said.

It was this skill that led to him being asked to speak at a forced marriage ceremony for 25 couples, he said, rather than any affiliation with the Khmer Rouge.

“I was simply an ordinary person,” Mr. Doeun said.

In response to questions from Nuon Chea’s lawyer Victor Koppe about whether he might have actually killed his wife himself under orders, Mr. Doeun insisted that this was not the case.

“No one was forced to kill their Vietnamese husband or wife. It was the Khmer Rouge clique who killed them,” he said.

In the afternoon, the court swore in a new witness, Sao Sak, 62, from Prey Veng province. She told the court how, over the course of the Khmer Rouge regime, Vietnamese people were gradually “sorted out” of the population, including her own half-Vietnamese mother, who was summoned to a meeting with Khmer Rouge cadres from which she never returned.

“Anyone who was related to Vietnamese origin would be taken away and killed,” she said.

The questioning of Ms. Sak is scheduled to continue on Monday.

Marriages, executions described at tribunal

A civil party and a witness described the Khmer Rouge’s institution of forced marriages and the disappearances of ethnic Vietnamese, respectively, in testimony at the Khmer Rouge tribunal yesterday.

Nuon Chea defender Victor Koppe questioned civil party Prak Doeun about his attendance at a forced marriage ceremony following the execution of his ethnically Vietnamese wife, mother-in-law and son.

“I was at the marriage ceremony; I was asked to make a speech for those couples that were arranged to get married by Angkar,” he said, using the name by which the Khmer Rouge referred to itself.

The fact that he had been given such a task, however, led Koppe to question whether he had become a cadre of some importance, which Doeun denied.

He also clarified that he had not been married at the ceremony himself, and that his re-marriage to a widow in 1979 after the country’s liberation was necessary to provide his two surviving daughters a home.

Later, the Khieu Samphan defence team thoroughly questioned Doeun on who carried out the executions of his family.

Though he was unsure, Doeun said, “it was a rumour that wherever there were killings, Comrade Bun would be there to perform the duty”.

Doeun concluded with a tearful statement, as the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization officer on staff comforted him.

“I almost became crazy for the suffering that I’ve received,” he said.

Witness Sao Sak then testified on the treatment of Vietnamese following the Khmer Rouge takeover of her village of Anlong Treah in Prey Veng’s Kampong Leav district.

“Anyone who was related to Vietnamese origins would be taken away and killed.”

When Sak learned from a militiaman that her “half-blood Vietnamese” mother would be taken, she asked to collect her daughter, who was in her care, allowing for a final goodbye.

“She consoled me that ‘do not think of her’ since she was getting old, and at that time I realised she would be taken away and killed, and a few minutes later, I took my daughter back home.”

Sak herself was later detained temporarily, although she did not know why.

Many people of Vietnamese heritage “were taken about the [same] time”, she said, and never seen again.