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Forced marriages- Seven couples decide to renew their vows

Youth for Peace (YFP) organized for the second time a remarriage ceremony for seven couples who were forced to be married under the Khmer Rouge. Last year, a ceremony for five couples was held.

‘Only ‘Lovers’ left alive- Forced to marry under a genocidal regime-Seven couples decide to renew their vows’ by Dene-Hern Chen, Al Jazeera

The Stories from Civil Parties Participating in the ECCC

Produced by the Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee

The bitter stories of the Cambodian people who lived through the Khmer Rouge regime have been passed down from the older generation to the younger generation through words of mouth and through the dissemination of the few documents that remain. This storybook has been produced to preserve the true stories of Khmer Rouge survivors, so that their stories are not lost to future generations. We also hope that through this project, we can encourage other survivors to share their experiences as well.

Download (PDF, 2.74MB)

Challenging Khmer Citizenship: Minorities, the State and the International Community in Cambodia

Stefan Ehrentraut


The idea of a distinctly ‘liberal’ form of multiculturalism has emerged in the theory and practice of Western democracies and the international community has become actively engaged in its global dissemination via international norms and organizations. This thesis investigates the internationalization of minority rights, by exploring state-minority relations in Cambodia, in light of Will Kymlicka’s theory of multicultural citizenship. Based on extensive empirical research, the analysis explores the situation and aspirations of Cambodia’s ethnic Vietnamese, highland peoples, Muslim Cham, ethnic Chinese and Lao and the relationships between these groups and the state. All Cambodian regimes since independence have defined citizenship with reference to the ethnicity of the Khmer majority and have – often violently – enforced this conception through the assimilation of highland peoples and the Cham and the exclusion of ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese. Cambodia’s current constitution, too, defines citizenship ethnically. State-sponsored Khmerization systematically privileges members of the majority culture and marginalizes minority members politically, economically and socially.

The thesis investigates various international initiatives aimed at promoting application of minority rights norms in Cambodia. It demonstrates that these initiatives have largely failed to accomplish a greater degree of compliance with international norms in practice. This failure can be explained by a number of factors, among them Cambodia’s neo-patrimonial political system, the geo-political fears of a ‘minoritized’ Khmer majority, the absence of effective regional security institutions, the lack of minority access to political decision-making, the significant differences between international and Cambodian conceptions of modern statehood and citizenship and the emergence of China as Cambodia’s most important bilateral donor and investor. Based on this analysis, the dissertation develops recommendations for a sequenced approach to minority rights promotion, with pragmatic, less ambitious shorter-term measures that work progressively towards achievement of international norms in the longer-term.

Download (PDF, 2.45MB)

Domestic Political Change and Ethnic Minorities

A Case Study of the Ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia

by Ramses Amer, PhD, Institute for Security & Development Policy, Sweden

Published in Asia-Pacific Social Science Review 13 (2013), 87-101.


The paper analyses the impact of domestic political change on ethnic minorities through a  case study of the ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia. The paper examines the major political developments and changes in Cambodia since the 1950s and their impact on the situation of the ethnic Vietnamese in the country. Anti-Vietnamese sentiments have not only been regularly displayed by the Cambodian elite but also been reflected in the policies of the Cambodian authorities. The roots of these attitudes and their effects on policies are explored in the paper. The anti-Vietnamese discourse in Cambodia shows that the Cambodia elite’s perceptions of Vietnam as a state influence their attitudes towards the ethnic Vietnamese minority and these attitudes influence the policy-making relating to the minority. Discriminatory policies implemented by the Cambodian authorities and attacks instigated by such policies led to the virtual elimination of the Vietnamese minority in the 1970s, when some 420,000 Vietnamese were either expelled or had to flee to Vietnam. In the 1980s there was a trend that ethnic Vietnamese returned to Cambodia. Politically motivated attacks on ethnic Vietnamese were carried out on a number of occasions in the 1990s and they posed a real threat to the Vietnamese community. The domestic political discourse in Cambodia has displayed anti-Vietnamese rhetoric directed not only at Vietnam but also at the ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia. This is in particular the case regarding some opposition parties. The continuity and/or change in such discourse and its implications are explored in the paper.

Download (PDF, 474KB)