Cambodia Tribunal Monitor – Civil Party and Prosecution Lawyers Call for Conviction on Penultimate Day

Lyma Nguyen and Sovannary Moch, representing the Civil Parties, delivered the rebuttal to defence arguments during their closing statements on 30 October 2013. 

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See below for the Cambodia Tribunal Monitor coverage of the entire ten days of closing statements for Case 002/01.

First Day of Closing Statements for Case 002/01 Hears Statements from Civil Party Lawyers – 16 October 2013

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Prosecution Team Completes First of Three Days of Closing Statements – 17 October 2013

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Prosecution Team Continues Closing Statements for Second Day – 18 October 2013

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Sentencing Requests Cap End of Prosecution’s Closing Statements – 21 October 2013

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Nuon Chea Defense Counsellor Questions Tribunal’s Fairness and Legitimacy – 22 October 2013

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Nuon Chea’s Defense Urges Acquittal On All Charges – 24 October 2013

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Defense for Khieu Samphan Keeps the Court’s Attention – 25 October 2013

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Defense Cites Historical Context and Evidentiary Inconsistencies During Final Closing Statements – 28 October 2013

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ECCC Grounds Crowded As Defendants Speak On Final Day – 31 October 2013

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Trial has lifted a ‘veil of lies’: prosecution

Thu, 31 October 2013 – Phnom Penh Post – 

Prosecution and civil party lawyers wrapped up their final rebuttals in court yesterday, ahead of the scheduled final day of closing statements in Case 002/01 today, in which the accused themselves are scheduled to take the floor.

Civil party co-lawyer Lyma Nguyen opened proceedings by telling the courtroom that the Nuon Chea defence was making a “mockery of the victims” by claiming leaders were simply implementing benevolent economic policy.

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Presentation by Lyma Nguyen on “Representing Minority Victims in Genocide Trials”

“On 25 June 2013, International Civil Party Counsel, Lyma Nguyen presented on “Representing Minority Victims in Genocide Trials” at the 14th Biennial Conference of the Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory, held in Bali.  The presentation focusses on the plight of a group of ethnic Vietnamese survivors who joined as Civil Parties before the internationalised criminal proceedings at the ECCC, represented by Ms NGUYEN and Mr SAM Sokong.  The challenges involved with including minority narratives into a larger context of a mass atrocity trials is explored through the participation process for this minority group, spanning over five years.  The presentation also highlights how victim participation in a criminal trial can shed light on larger human rights issues affecting a minority group. In this case, a number of ethnic Vietnamese Civil Parties have sought access to, or recognition of, Cambodian nationality, through a request for “collective and moral reparations” under the Court’s Internal Rules.  Whilst the Trial Chamber has announced that it envisages a future sub-trial (Case 002/02) to  hear charges concerning the treatment of the ethnic Vietnamese, it is uncertain whether evidence concerning the genocide, deportation and persecution of this minority group will in fact, be presented in future proceedings, given the age of the remaining accused and the length of time required for a final determination of matters in Case 002/01.”

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